How much does it cost to set up an account?

It costs absolutely nothing to create your own Family Art Stories account! We are offering this as a free service, because we see it as an opportunity for people to talk about art and discuss what they think about the art they grew up with. It has the ability to expand the awareness of art and how it impacts on our daily lives. This site as a whole, can push awareness of art into a space where people rethink their stories and impressions of art anew, offering an interactive online space for this to happen.


The name I selected was rejected - what do I do?

If the name you selected for your domain was rejected, this was either because you entered spaces or strange characters in the name, or because the name unfortunately has been taken by another "Family Art Stories" account holder. Firstly make sure you typed the name correctly without any spaces or characters, if it still gets rejected you may have to modify or rethink your choice of name. For example if "smith" gets rejected, maybe try: "johnsmith".


How do I register?

To register simply click the "TELL MY STORY" link on the home page, Enter your preferred domain (this will be your unique address) for example "smith69". Note that your domain cannot contain spaces or strange characters such as &%$( Your unique domain will end in .familyartstories.com as it is hosted on the main Family Art Stories website, but you do not need to enter this in the field as your full domain will be created once you submit your registration form. Select a password (you will need to type it twice to confirm), and select the email you wish to use for contact purposes from Family Art Stories admin. Finally decide the name you wish to appear as your "Family Art Stories" site name - this may or may not be different from you domain name, as you can use spaces here :)


How do I upload my pictures?

Once you have your very own Family Art Stories account, it is very simple to manage and upload as many images as you like. Once you login you will also have some handy hints to help you use the built-in features.


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